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Updated autonomous robot K5, designed for use in security systems. Knightscope has developed the fourth generation of these artificial security guards. At the same time, the sixth generation Security Operations Center (KSOC) control center is also presented to specialists.

The security robot K5 is designed to protect vast spaces. It can ride among people because it has a streamlined shape and a smooth surface. Shopping or office centers, as examples of such objects, became the places where the first copies of this device were used. The robot has several surveillance cameras, a thermal imager, a set of sensors and everything you need to communicate with the control center. The height of 1.5 m makes the device noticeable and helps it serve as a deterrent for hooligans and intruders.

In the transition to the fourth generation, the device has been completely updated, with a change in design. The trolley on which the robot is moving has been improved, making it easier for him to move on uneven terrain. The wall station has also been reworked, to which the robot must periodically drive up to recharge.

The KSOC control center, which serves to monitor the object in real time and investigate incidents, can now be integrated with the SureView platform. It provides embedding of the control center and those robots it controls in the real environment of a specific object.

However, Knightscope’s development plans are being implemented much more slowly than it imagined. In 2016, the company planned to sell 600 robots by the end of 2018. However, by the end of the first half of 2018, only 45 of them were sold. A year ago, the company had 21 customers, and now it is 32. From these figures it is clear that those who acquired one or two robots and have already tried to use them do not rush to buy new ones

In July, the company announced that it would sell 6.25 million of its preferred shares at a price of $ 8 per share. Since then, periodically published an invitation to purchase them. As before, the company is also leading active advertising. It also includes ridiculous cases, for example, when the K5 robot chased the homeless or fell into a fountain.

Thus, although the future belongs to security robots, it comes slower than their manufacturers would like.


Source: Security News


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