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Face recognition system in photographs of the middle of the XIX century created in the USA

Anyone can identify the people depicted in the photographs of the times of the American Civil War. Historians have created a special application for this. It was called Civil War Photo Sleuth. This was announced by the Telegram channel Photoulove.

As part of the Civil War Photo Sleuth project, a huge archive of photos from the Civil War in the United States (1861–1865) was digitized — more than 15,000 images.
It continues to replenish when users upload their pictures.

In addition to the accumulation of images, the project also performs another important function - it allows you to recognize faces in photos and find out who is depicted on them. Students and teachers of the Virginia Polytechnic University have invented a mechanism for recognizing people in pictures of the mid-19th century.
If the loaded photo is not recognized immediately, it means that the depicted people are not in the database. As soon as someone recognizes the heroes of the snapshot, the user will immediately receive a notification.

"Our mission is to rediscover the lost names of American soldiers and sailors who participated in the Civil War," explained the creators of Civil War Photo Sleuth.


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