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Dahua company was awarded the title of "Outstanding CSR-brand 2018"

At the Social Responsibility Conference (CSR) held in Beijing, Dahua Technology received the award “Outstanding CSR Brand 2018”. The reason for the award was the company's commitment to the ideals of improving social welfare.

The conference was initiated by the administration of the site and other influential Chinese media. This year, the event attracted representatives of companies and corporations from different sectors of the economy. The conference raised issues of public welfare, environmental conservation, charity, sustainable development and innovative ideas of social responsibility. At the awards ceremony, Dahua Technology was chosen among other CSR pioneers, which once again underlines brand recognition from the industry, the media and society as a whole.

Customer focus

As a leading provider of video surveillance solutions in the global market, Dahua puts the client at the forefront of its entire business. Customer focus helped the company implement its products in the widest possible range, including in the areas of public safety, finance, fire, energy and urban traffic management. Many mega-projects have been implemented, including the China International Import Exhibition, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, G20 Summit in Guangzhou, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, BRICS Summit in Xiamen.

Green Development

Green technology is one of the core competencies of Dahua Technology. The company was able to build a fully sustainable industrial chain, including the processes of procurement, research and development, production, operation and maintenance. The company is constantly working on the environmental friendliness of its factories, incorporating video and Internet of things recognition technologies into its processes. Devices become smarter, work more efficiently and reduce the cost of environmental protection.

Volunteering and charity

The company's mission is “To a safe society and a smart environment.” It requires the fulfillment of many social obligations and actively supports national and local community programs, as well as encouraging employees to participate in charitable activities. Special charity funding allows the company to balance between business and its social obligations.

The main direction of the company's charity programs is education. The “Light of the Future” program, which has been operating for two years and extended further, is aimed at helping education to sick or poor children. In addition, programs such as the “Light of Life” blood donation and “1+” clothing collection are held annually.

The social achievements of Dahua Technology were highly appreciated by the media and industry associations. In January of this year, the company received a similar award, "CSR-brand 2017", and in July - "Outstanding Brand 2017".


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