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NtechLab face recognition technology enters the commercial real estate and retail market


One of the world leaders in the field of biometric technologies, NtechLab, a partner of Rostec State Corporation, and one of the leading players in the market for analytics and visitor counting in shopping centers and retailers Watcom Group have signed a cooperation agreement. Watcom received the status of an authorized federal-level NtechLab partner for products based on the FindFace face recognition algorithm.
The algorithm will open up new opportunities for users of high-precision technology to count visitors from Watcom.

Together, Watcom and NtechLab will create integrated solutions aimed at helping business organizations to move to a new level of analytics of client flows, primarily for managers of commercial real estate and retail businesses.

According to Roman Skorokhodov, General Director of Watcom Group, Watcom chose NtechLab as a partner, as the company is a leader in the global market, and its FindFace face recognition algorithm showed the best results during tests in pilot projects.

The integration of companies will allow you to create services for the most accurate, impersonal counting of unique visitors, the number of repeat visits, and the calculation of conversion from visitor to buyer. Managers of retail space will be able to analyze data on the field, age and emotions expressed by customers, track the movements in the retail space of each of the specified groups of customers and optimize the location of employees' workplaces depending on their needs.

The products of the companies will also increase the efficiency of staff time tracking by providing statistics on the presence of employees in the workplace and their movements. In addition, on the basis of information from the information system, the security service will be able to identify online fraud cases and the presence of unwanted visitors on the territory.

According to the founder and head of the laboratory of neural networks NtechLab Artem Kukharenko, cooperation with the Watcom Group will allow the company to significantly expand its presence in the market of video analytics in the retail sector. “Thanks to integration with Watcom, the FindFace algorithm will receive a new dimension that will help our clients solve practical problems of increasing the profitability of retail space,” he said.



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