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Will the neuroprocessor from STC "Module" replace NVidia chips?

Neuroprocessor from NTC Module vs Nvidia

SEC “Module”, developing solutions in the field of neural networks and neurochips since the 90s and developing a line of processors based on NMC® own core (NeuroMatrix Core), started promoting the NM6408 serial processor based on 28 nm technology and having 21 cores.

Previously, Modul reached an agreement with the leading German company in the field of machine vision technologies for the auto industry Dream Chip on the promotion of its products on the European market based on its own neuroprocessors.

Dream Chip chose NM6407 (1879ВМ6Я) chip for its products. It allows to analyze information with the necessary speed and high performance using neural networks in real time. As part of Embedded World DreamChip, it demonstrates the capabilities of a neural network on the STC Module module on traffic sign recognition. The achieved recognition accuracy is 98%.

Alexey Mokhnatkin: “Our western partners consider Russian processors as an alternative to the chips of the world leader NVidia. First of all, they are attracted by a lower price with comparable performance indicators and other quality characteristics."



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